Classroom Block Roofing

The School Development Committee started the construction of a two classroom block but has struggled to complete it due to lack of funds. At the moment, the  building needs a roof. There are several other aspects of the project that still needs to be carried out. NOSA is undertaking to raise as much money as possible to help in the completion of this project. Those willing to make a donation can deposit money into the association’s bank account or through cash transfer to the treasurer.

New classroom block needing roof

Computer Lab and IT Project

In the age of continuously improving information technologies, it is rather sad that Nyava High School is yet to see any form of technology assisted learning. Learners elsewhere in the developed world rely and make use of digital learning content, which unlike traditional text books, tends to be easily updated and is therefore current and contextually relevant. At the moment, the standard educational resources at the school are outdated text books and chalkboards. NOSA is aiming to setup a computer lab to help students access digital content. The widespread use of smartphones within the community also provides an opportunity for the development of Apps that can help students access learning materials such as study guides, past exam papers and mock exams hosted on local servers to reduce connectivity costs which are still considerably high in Zimbabwe.

School Bus Project

Attracting and retaining good teachers is always a difficult thing in rural areas.  Lack of reliable transport tends to compound things. The association is looking to raise funds to assist in the purchasing of a  bus to be used by staff and on school trips.